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In 1969 began construction of the first clinics Tashkent State Medical Institute. This clinic was to be the main clinical base of Tashkent State Medical Institute. For several years, there was an active work on the construction of the clinic, where they were to concentrate the major clinical departments of the institute. In 1976 he was commissioned in the first case the clinic. Since that time, started resettlement activities of the clinical departments to the territory clinic with one of various medical institutions in the city of Tashkent. Initial capacity of the hospital is 360 beds. Each year, with the commissioning of new buildings increased bed capacity.

In the month of July 1979 on the basis of I clinic was organized by Department of Hospital Surgery with the course of military surgery (VPH) Tashkent Order of the Red Banner of State Medical Institute and led her associate Karimov Sh.I. In the organization of the department participated docents Rasuleva M.V., Kabildzhanov A.F., V. Frolov, assistants Zimin G.A., N Abdullaev, A.A.Asrarov, Akhmedov, R.M., Berliner E.B, Kim V.F., heads of departments Tshvariashvili TN, Ganiyev AM, Magamadov WA , residents Davranbekov NT, Kasymov S.A., A. Ismailov, Samigullin I.H., Kim VF, Hakeemov R.M., Rashid S.H., and graduate students Babadzhanov B.D., Krotov N.F..
In 1981, the rate of field surgery and a number of its employees (Associate Professor Vladimir Frolov and assistant Berliner E.B.) was transferred to the Department of Traumatology and the Department was supplemented both by working in other departments experienced staff and by pupils the department. So, were recruited following staff: Assistant D.A. Ismailova, Mahkamova M.N. and residents: Akhtaev A.R., Kaumov T.H., Alexander Gladkov, Osipov N.G., A.T. Mominov.

At the initial stage, at the Department for the provision of skilled surgical care to the population, have been created 4 specialized clinical units (base was located in the present 8 housing 2 clinics Tashkent Medical Academy). Vascular surgical unit (60 beds) is situated on the second floor and 8 of the body have been designed for the specialized treatment of patients with vascular and thoracic pathologies. General surgery department (60 beds), which provided specialized care to patients with abdominal surgical pathology, which was located on the fifth floor. Emergency surgical ward (40 beds) and the intensive care unit were on the fourth floor of the housing 8. To perform the surgery patients of clinical departments , the efforts of the staff were equipped with 2 operating on each floor, which are actively used to input operation unit in a building with 6 8 4 scheduled and urgent operational in 1982.

In September 1981, the Department of Hospital Surgery (Head of Department Karimov SI) was renamed the Department of surgical diseases № 3.

In subsequent years continued an active construction of the First Clinic Tashkent State Medical Institute . In 1989, the clinical base of the Department of Surgery and Hospital relocated in one building, and in 8th package organized by the department of purulent surgery, which remained a clinical base of the department.

In March 1989, in connection with the reorganization of the institute merged departments of surgical diseases of number 3 and number 4. During these years, the Department of Surgical Diseases number 4 located on the base of NFM GlavTashkentstroy (Head of Department Professor Nurmukhamedov R.M.). The newly created Department was named chair of surgical diseases № 2 Medical Faculty of the Second Tashkent State Medical Institute, and the head of department was appointed Karimov Sh.I. In 1990, in connection with the division of the Tashkent State Medical Institute in the First and Second Tashkent State Medical Institute, the department was again reorganized and became known as the Department of Faculty Hospital Surgery and Second Tashkent State Medical Institute.

In 1995, the Department of Clinical remaining in the 8 package , was organized by the Department of General Surgery , headed by professor of the department of Babadzhanov B.D.


In 1998, as a result of association with the Department of Pediatric Surgery and Urology Hospital and organized by the Department of Surgery with the course of urology and pediatric surgery, which continued to lead the academic Karimov Sh.I. After 3 years, the course of urology and pediatric surgery were again highlighted as some of the department.

After the establishment of the Tashkent Medical Academy in 2005 and the Department of Faculty Hospital Surgery is preserved in its present form and became part of the medical faculty of TMA.

From the date of the organization of the department on the basis of its students are trained 4 and 5 courses. For example, a 4th year classes are conducted on the subject of Surgery, and on the 5th course – on the hospital surgery.

At the department from 1979 to 1991 6th year students were subordinator surgery. Along with the scientific work of staff in the department are actively carried out research work with students. Responsible for CHO in the department over the years have been docents Rasuleva M.V., Zimin, G.A., Ismailova D.A., A.A. Imams. Thanks to their hard work, the students involved in the department, has repeatedly been winners of the republican Olympiads, winners of student conferences. Most of these students later became employees of the department and continued research work. Currently, all members of the department and clinics are inmates of the department.

Besides, the department was responsible for completing an internship and residency on “Surgery”. In connection with the reform of the system of training doctors in postgraduate period, department over a number of years, is preparing a masters in general and vascular surgery TMA.


Of particular importance in the life of the department had a research project, which was carried out in many priority areas of planned and emergency surgery: surgery of the abdominal aorta and arteries, the surgical treatment of chronic cerebral insufficiency, surgical treatment of diseases of the chest, lung and pleura, hepatobiliary, abdominal surgery. To date, the department reserved 22 doctoral and 75 master’s theses. Currently, the department carried 4 doctoral and 10 master’s theses. Employees of the department published more than 1,500 scientific articles and abstracts, they are the authors of more than 25 monographs, and they received more than 150 patents.







Over the entire period of its existence the department has worked closely with numerous medical institutions and research institutes of the former Soviet Union : NTSSSH them. A.N. Bakulev, NIISP them N.V.Sklifosovsky, Federal Institute of Surgery Medical Technologies – A.V. Wishniewsky, MONICA them. M.F. Vladimirov, PG RNTSH them. Acad. B.V. Petrovsky Academy of Medical Sciences, Research Institute. N.N. Blokhin.